Biography of Atlanta Based Trumpet Player Phil West

Through his college career, Phil concentrated in the Jazz genre, winning awards and music scholarships to multiple Universities. After moving to Atlanta in 1988, he took over the role of Jazz Band Director for Southern Poly State University Jazz Ensemble while completing his Degree in Electronic Engineering. Around the same time, Phil became a member of the ‘Marietta Big Band’ as the principle soloist and performed with the band for several years. After completing his first CD entitled “Phil West – Samples of the Soul”, he went on to form his own band, “Due West”. In addition to recording multiple TV shows for MediaOne and the ‘Atlanta Jazz and Blues Show’, “Due West” performed at many events including the nationally recognized benefit concert, “Concert-2-Cure”.

With his recent influences of Contemporary Jazz coupled with his love of Jazz Fusion, in 2007 Phil began his musical experimentation phase. He started challenging his own purist ideals and began incorporating his own unique style of Funk and Fusion into his performances. It was at this time that he decided to make the flugelhorn his primary instrument. Phil remains very active in the music scene in Atlanta, Georgia, performing regularly at Jazz, R&B and Blues venues in addition to spending time in the recording studio. In 2009, Phil hosted his first Jazz open mike session in Atlanta and in the years ahead, went on to host several more, including a weekly session at the legendary Cafe 290. In 2014, the newly formed ‘Phil West Project’ once again recorded for the ‘Atlanta Jazz and Blues’ TV Show. Phil has performed and/or recorded with notables such as Freddy Cole, Duffy Jackson, Shorty Rogers, Steve Ellington, Willie Thomas, Jerry Byrd, Jamey Abersold and Bill Watrous, and appears on a large number of CD projects and soundtracks including the “Concert-2-Cure” compilation CD and a series of TV commercials.